"Misi Bagi Bangsa" school is officially open.
"Misi Bagi Bangsa" school is officially open.

We like to express our gratitude to the Mayor of Batam, Mr Muhamad Rudi, Se,MM and his ranks who have officially open the "Misi Bagi Bangsa" school at April the 30th 2016.

PT Batavia Prosperindo Trans (BPT) recognizes the importance of Corporate & Social Responsibility (CSR). In fact,  Social Responsibility is one of the values that we like to preserve in the company.

To make a greater impact, we join forces with our sister companies to work through Batavia Prosperindo Peduli foundation. The school building that lies on 3673 meter square land at Tunas Regency, Batam, is the realization of Batavia Prosperindo Peduli Foundation's idea of giving back to society.

At the opening ceremony, Rudi, the mayor of Batam, said that education is the barometer of success and progress of a region or country. It is certainly relies on the availability of infrastructure and human resources in education sector. "If I speak about country development, education is the answer," he said
He is troubled by the fact that young children can not enjoy school education, knowing that the government's ability to provide educational facilities is very limited due to many other sectors that also need government attention.

"40 percent of the residents of Batam are still in the lower class. The participation of the private sector to help education is necessary, since the government effort alone will not be sufficient" said the mayor.

To the newly opened the Misi Bagi Bangsa schools, Rudi implore the school staff and teachers to give the best education for the students, continuously improve the education quality to generate future leaders.